Thursday, May 3, 2012

WTF is up?

The last year and half has been quite an adjustment to my racing hobby to say the least. My new son has kept me honest with my use of time. As evident by my lack of blog entries. However, i'm still able to ride and even race and sometimes write. 

This year my schedule is much that same as last year: only local races, only on Saturdays, no racing back to back weekends. Apparently this opened up a lot more mountain bike options than years past when i'd travel off to some crit or stage race. Now, i have the opportunity to go back to my cycling roots and hit the dirt. Things have changed in the MTB racing scene. In years past it was hard to find local races longer than 10miles. There were merely 30min sprints. I didn't feel i got the bang for the buck and i switch to road racing. But now there are more endurance options!

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